solar panel Alphabus (© EADS Astrium)

panel structure Eurostar 3000 (© EADS Astrium)

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Dipl.-Ing. Klaus Rode

is a graduate in civil engineering for machine construction as well as a chemical and process engineer.

Apart from practical expertise in autoclave-technique and long-time experience in filament-winding, the Prepreg-winding technique and RTM-technology have to be pointed out in particular. Conceptual design, realization, certification and optimization of several production facilities for the manufacturing of high-precision components have been successfully implemented several times.

Through adoption of the RTM-Technology, the quality of selected components has been clearly improved, while a cost-reduction of 30-50% has been demonstrably achieved at the same time. Thereby solid structures for mechanical engineering have been realised as well as extremely light and highly resilient components for the aeronautic and space industry.

For designing components and workshop facilities, a CATIA V4 workstation with its required peripheral equipment is available including data saving, data transfer and printing of engineering drawings. Further more, profound experience with ENOVIA VPM is on hand as well, which enhances a broad range of services and performance.